Pania and cut outs


Here is a new print of Pania, it's a three colour silk screen and this colour way is an edition of four. you can buy from the store.

pania-vinyl.JPG copy

tiki-vinyl.JPG copy

pania-saucer.JPG copy

We have been playing around with getting things cut out ourselves and have produced these samples. Here are vinyl records cut outs inspired by the recycled record art produced by aimee. We also had a go cutting out some ceramic plates and the cut out can be worn as a pendant and the plate can hang on the wall.

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Under the Lights

Under the Lights

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Melissa Grantham October 14 2019

Good morning? Do you still have the pania prints? If so how much and if not are you going to be running anymore?

Jo April 30 2019

Hi, love the screen print of pania. Could u please tell me how much she is. And also could you please give me the measurements.

Many thanks